Human Capital Management System
Clock HR -The Answer To A Better Productivity, Profitability And Employee Management

Are you wondering if a human capital management software can reshape your business - for the better? Meet Clock HR - the answer to our employee, productivity and profitability goals. Our concept of a clock that integrates its function along with the productivity of your employees and adds up to your profitability is proven to aid your business. So, how can you scale your business in terms of productivity, profitability and better organization with Clock HR?

  • First and foremost, Clock HR lets you have clearly defined and consistently communicated performance expectations. This makes achieving your specific business goals possible with innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Second of all, Clock HR lets you preview the time and attendance, as well as leave and task management of your employees through a HCM system that is integrated with your day-to-day actions. Moreover, it automates all the aspects from the hire to the exit - giving you a clear picture of the record of every employee.
  • Also, Clock HR aims to improve your profitability through its payroll management and salary management system which adds up to your costs and makes them fit for the accounting process. The fact that it works from anywhere and at anytime dynamically and flexibly lets you have a cloud or on-premise choice on everything, as you wish.
  • Finally, Clock HR is a customized and tailored service to your corporate needs - but also the needs of your employees. It helps to convey discipline at its utmost level. But more importantly, it fits to your and your employee needs. It is easy to use and covers multiple currencies - but also comes with receptive support all the time.

In the end, Clock HR lets you set your business apart from the competition with an affordable and unbeatable price for a human capital management software that offers award-winning organization and a great interface from which both you and your employees can have access to a more productive, profitable and higher goal-setting future.

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