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“Are you wondering if human capital management software can reshape your business – for the   better? Meet Clock HR – the answer to our employees, productivity and profitability goals” 


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Solutions designed to simplify and automate the process and to gather all the necessary statistics, provide analytics, simplify financial operations and even provide employees with self-service options on real time basis.

Human Capital

Modern business practice requires an integrated human resource system to replace manual processes for the operational control of employee relations.


How it Works?

HCM processes facilitate scouting talent; recruiting candidates, managing employee payroll and benefits administration; overseeing the performance review process; enabling employees to advance themselves and grow their skills through internal training and job opportunities


Technology for today’s business environment


Software-as-a-Service [SaaS]

High Scalability – More Agility


Maximum Mobility – Maximum Impact – Maximum Profitability

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More than ever before, the industry needs reliable IT services.

That’s why Clock Services offer on-demand infrastructure that maximizes IT uptime and minimizes disruption.



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Migrate HCM on S-a-a-S

Software-as-a-Service can make your HR operations more scalable and agile. It’s a extremely structured & speedy approach

“Just pay for what you use, reduce the cost, mirror your data to ensure business continuity with reduced downtime, easier backup, recovery, and automatic software updates and tighter security.” 


Clock HR Mobile Apps for the companies & employees…

“For The Maximum Mobility – Maximum Impact – Maximum Profitability” 

Mobile applications are designed and developed with advanced functionality that offers:

  • Faster decision making
  • Greater operational efficiencies
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Anytime access to Advance, Professional, Standard & Basic intelligence
  • Instant access to work center productivity including current production efficiency, scrap and downtime, and many more
  • Improved workflow and expedited approval process
  • Improved responsiveness to the prospect needs.

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Shape your own plans & strategies.


Complete HRM solutions & revolutionized the way of growing businesses of all sizes operate.

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We believe in quality & innovation and creating the most sustainable solutions for every industry

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Solutions redesign the organization’s structure, performance measures, and align employee’s behavior with shifting

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A scalable and risk mitigated approach should be adapted to ensure

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Customer chooses Clock HR to unify its operational solutions across its global network

“We provide innovative approaches for each of our client’s unique needs. We have in-house capabilities and resources to handle the most challenging aspects of your end to end human resource processes that add velocity & value to your operational efforts with an additional level of support. ”

Client Says…

With Clock HR, we are able to see any potential issues ahead of time, which allows us to become very proactive rather than reactive.

Rajesh Goyal, Chairman, AP Goyal Shimla University

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“We wanted a single platform for all our HR Operations. Clock HR gave us the agility to adapt to change and the scalability that we needed.”

Mr.Lalit Aggarwal, Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director, Signature Global Group

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It’s been critical to entering new markets so quickly, efficiently & effectively. With Clock HR, you get an honest partner & world class usability.

Sachn Gupta, Chancellor, Sanskrity University

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“Clock HR definitely given us the scalability for rapid growth. Now we have better data management system right at our finger tips to measure KPI’s & to create more agile working atmosphere”

Priyanka Gupta,
Bharti – Airtel

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Trusted by the leading organizations as they are achieving some breakthrough results in HCM across a wide range of challenges.