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( For 25 employees )



( For 25 employees )



( For 25 employees )



( For 25 employees )

    For every addtional employee 10/month 20/ month 50/ month 100/month
    HR Management
    Talent Acquisition
    On Boarding
    Manpower Planning
    Manpower Budgeting
    Time & Attendance
    Leave Management
    OD Management
    Tour Management
    Task Management
    Performance Management
   Training Development
    Succession Planning
    Compensation & Benefits
    Work Flow
    Payroll Management
    Claims & Reimbursement
    Statutory Compliances
    Employee Self Services
    Employee Exit

    Mobile Apps

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Basic is best for…

  • For the micro or startup organization; wants the organization’s policies and protocol related to use of technology and communications within the workplace
  • employee evaluations including pay raises and disciplinary procedures
  • To ensure that small businesses have the right number of employees to meet customer demand and run business operations smoothly.

Get Standard if…

  • If wants to improve efficiencies & cost saving. Redundantly entering and copying data from one spreadsheet to another.
  • Can manages your people data at one platform, you’ll benefit from significant time and cost savings, which will allow you to better focus on what matters most your people.
  • Just because you’re bootstrapping your business doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on employee experiences.

Buy Professional for.

  • Tracking working hours and time spent by users on individual tasks and projects.
  • Develop a Competency Model, workforce analysis & evaluation of implemented strategies.
  • Recognize employee contributions. Acknowledge your team members as unique and notable humans with a unique set of skills and talent.

Go with Advance for.

  • For Fast and Efficient Mobile Options in order to keep transparent communication.
  • Recruitment, performance management & succession planning tool in place which speed up the hiring process according to the right fit & to groom your workforce strategically.
  • Types of reporting functionality, predictive analytics can help with planning and decision making.

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