So far, so good. Success smells sweet and organizational aspirations grow and become significantly bigger.

The organization without necessarily realizing has already slipped into the next gear – where scaling up is the imperative. This is the phase where an entrepreneurial company needs to identify the key solutions which determine the success or failure of the organization.


HR management : where employee  

matters the most

In an age where time equals money, entrepreneurs can reduce costs by improving the efficiency of their HR processes. Tools that speed these processes up while simultaneously eliminating errors can directly benefit an organization’s bottom line.

Clock HR is an attempt to lead management & employee at single platform with its unique solutions.


Integrated management process and change technologies..


Proven methodology, profound impact and sustainable results.


PThe affirmative action solutions company of choice.

Attendance Management

Enhancing the efficiency of your organization…

The accuracy and efficiency of an organization’s attendance management system affects the overall efficiency of the organization. An inefficient and poorly executed attendance management system can become a bottleneck for all other processes and drastically reduce the productivity of the organization. Our attendance management solutions  that automates major processes and save your organization time and money.

  1. Automated time and attendance management
  2. Improved Accuracy of Attendance Data
  3. Payroll Management Software Integration
  4. Allows flexible working hours
  5. Real-time insight into employees
  6. Streamlined absence management
  7. Self Service
  8. Reports

Leave Management

Fully automated and turnkey solution

Leave management is one of the integral human resource functions of a company & upgrading to automated leave application solution makes it simpler to implement your leave policies as well as manage employee leave database online.

  1. To keep track of the employees’ leave of absence.
  2. Solutions results in saving efforts as well as time, leading to higher productivity and efficiency of the employees.
  3. Effectively managing leave records of the employees, which cover their current leave balance with respect to the different types of leave such as sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave and earned leave, the number of leave they have availed in a particular month, as well as the approval or rejection status of the leave applied for.
  4. The leave application software allows tracking of the employees’ leave history, which reveals the frequency at which the particular employee avails leave.
  5. Leave management data is synchronized and integrated with attendance management data.
  6. It gives the employees the flexibility to apply for leave at any time of the day within the confines of their homes. The software lends transparency to the whole system of leave management.

Travel Management

A strategic approach of human resource management

Travel is an integral activity in all organizations. Employees plan for travel and raise travel requests. Every organization has approval mechanisms in place and each organization has different policies on travel. Structured corporate travel policy thrive on compliance, and for this, a management system is needed to take care of employee travels on company duty. Clock HR Travel Management Solutions enable HR to set Travel rules as per policies of their organization.

  1. We enable all employees to submit travel requests which are then routed as per policy which can be flexibly set & superiors can view travel requests submitted by their team members and can approve or disapprove as need be.
  2. It also makes claims processing easier & becomes lot more transparent as every transaction can be tracked and the reimbursement procedure is simplified. This speeds up the reimbursement time and improves employee satisfaction.
  3. Travel management data is synchronized & integrated with attendance management data so easily.
  4. Clock HR Travel Management Solution enables HR and Finance department to take out many reports which are useful for their day to day operations.

Work Flow Management

Streamline & automate business tasks, minimize room for errors and increase overall efficiency.

This, in turn, dramatically improves your business. Managers can make quicker, smarter decisions and employees are empowered to collaborate in a more productive and agile way.  Workflow automation is just that – a strategy to help you improve the efficiency, overall revenue, and day-to-day operations of your business.

  1. One of the biggest reasons why workflow is important is because it gives you greater insight into your processes.
  2.  In any businesses, there are tons of unnecessary and redundant tasks that take place daily. Once you have more insight into your processes, you can determine what activities are truly necessary. Clock HR Work Flow Management provides you to Identifying and eliminating redundant tasks which creates value for your business. Instead of wasting time on a useless task, your employees will be able to focus on what’s important, and what does contribute to the business. As such, the more useless processes are eliminated, the better your business will perform.
  3. Increase Accountability and Reduce Micromanagement
  4. Communication in the workplace is critical because it affects every other aspect of the company. Visibility of processes and accountability can increase workplace communication dramatically. This communication will reduce employee turnover and make day-to-day operations smoother overall.

Employee Self Service: A strategic approach

Reach Global Presence Local

Self service is no longer a luxury but become a part of our daily routines. We want the freedom to do the things when we want and we expect self-service to be effortless. Technology fuels the expectations & acceptance the self-service.

  1. Clock HR ESS Solutions enables employees to do day to day tasks online i.e. tax declarations and submission of tax proofs etc.
  2. Employee can log into an application and see data related to self, check approval status and see general data about the organization & self, salary slip, salary ledger, leaves balances etc.
  3. Clock HR ESS Solution allows all employees to apply for leave, OD, Tour, C.Off amongst many other things also can request for advances, loans, and many more.
  4. Employee can requests for updating of personal data, experience, qualification, address, dependents and much more.

Payroll Management: An error free & hassle free solution

Now manage complete payroll within your organization

Payroll is an integral part of all organizations. The payroll department is not only responsible for employees’ salary compensation, but it also plays a vital role in protecting the company’s reputation by ensuring compliance with various legislations. Use of Payroll solution is efficient way of calculating pays than a manual system. Payroll software programs simplify information, generate reports, and minimize manual efforts. The simplicity and effectiveness of payroll systems provide great advantages to organizations.

  1. Clock HR payroll solution provide easy & dynamic approach to create multiple salary heads
  2. Clock HR payroll solution helps payroll professionals in efficient and accurate processing of Payroll.
  3. Clock HR payroll solution takes a holistic approach to payroll and encompasses fixed earnings and Deduction, Variable earnings and deductions, Out of payroll earnings and deductions.
  4. Clock HR payroll solution has a dynamic Loan and Advances modules that lets you define rules as existing in your organization. You can manage loan disbursals and deductions with ease
  5. Clock HR payroll solution have a wide range of in built pre-defined reports that are of immense use to Payroll professionals.
  6. Clock HR payroll solution provide various reports & analytical data to the top management to manage organizations better by getting a deep understanding of payroll data.

Employee Exit Management

Now manage complete payroll within your organization

Resignations/Separation are part and parcel of professional organizations, especially growing business. Sometimes, you might be able to take a resignation in your stride. However, every now and then you’re going to come across a situation where an unexpected resignation will affect certain important processes in your company. Dealing with resignations appropriately and systematically avoids unnecessary stoppages or hindrances and may even work out in your favor.

  1. Clock HR employee exit solutions provide online acknowledgement of the resignation & privilege to the reporting boss and the HR for approval/disapproval depending on workflow matrix.
  2. Pending Projects If there’s anything on the employee’s plate that you would like to see completed before he/she leaves.
  3. Clock HR employee exit solution support to pass on his/her access and tasks at hand (wherever relevant) to a colleague or the new hire.
  4. Clock HR employee exit solution provide a dynamic platform to conduct Exit Interview, close to the end of the notice period.
  5. Clock HR employee exit solution provide checklist before the employee completes his/her last day & ensure all exit formalities have been taken care of.  It also, ensure that all items given to the employee have been returned.
  6. Clock HR employee exit solution generate the employee his/her relieving letter once the F&F has been processed.