So far, so good. Success smells sweet and organizational aspirations grow and become significantly bigger.

The organization without necessarily realizing has already slipped into the next gear – where scaling up is the imperative. This is the phase where an entrepreneurial company needs to identify the key solutions which determine the success or failure of the organization.

Talent Acquisition

The workforce always has and always will be the deciding factor in whether a business fails or succeeds. From the boardroom down to the bottom level, it’s the actions of people that determine profits and allow companies to establish a competitive advantage over their rivals.
However in any & every scenarios the need to establish a competitive advantage is paramount and an effective talent acquisition strategy can play a key role in this.

  1. The right people for the job
  2. Diversity
  3. Embracing technology
  4. Flexibility

On Boarding

The employee on boarding process is an essential, but often complicated, element of human resources management. Thankfully, there is a better way to onboard new employees. That’s where Clock HR and the benefits of on boarding solution of Clock HR come in. With effective on boarding soluiton, employee paperwork responsibilities are easy to fulfill, and HR personnel can focus on enhancing the new hire’s employment experience.

  1. Accuracy & Accountability
  2. Paperless System & Document Tracking
  3. Digitized Onboarding as a Culture of Technology.

Tour Management

A strategic approach of human resource management

Travel is an integral activity in all organizations. Employees plan for travel and raise travel requests. Every organization has approval mechanisms in place and each organization has different policies on travel. Structured corporate travel policy thrive on compliance, and for this, a management system is needed to take care of employee travels on company duty. Clock HR Travel Management Solutions enable HR to set Travel rules as per policies of their organization.

  1. We enable all employees to submit travel requests which are then routed as per policy which can be flexibly set & superiors can view travel requests submitted by their team members and can approve or disapprove as need be.
  2. It also makes claims processing easier & becomes lot more transparent as every transaction can be tracked and the reimbursement procedure is simplified. This speeds up the reimbursement time and improves employee satisfaction.
  3. Travel management data is synchronized & integrated with attendance management data so easily.
  4. Clock HR Travel Management Solution enables HR and Finance department to take out many reports which are useful for their day to day operations.

Claims & Reimbursements

Employees are required to make various types of claims like medical, travel, local conveyance etc. to their organization

Claims and Reimbursement is an awesome feature of Clock HR Solution which offers numerous setups and forms that enable companies to efficiently handle these claims through payroll. It also helps employees to request and receive these payments.

  1. Creation of different reimbursement heads.
  2. Employee can submit Reimbursement claim online.
  3. Employee can attached soft copy of his reimbursement bills.
  4. Reimbursement balance, entitlement, Summary, Ledger.
  5. Approval Workflow – Accepted & Rejected with auto mail Intimation