Workforce Management

Forecasting, developing, managing and much more to balance your workforce with heavy workload

Detailed information of employees is a key data for each organization. The workforce management module of Clock HR is a central depository of employee's data. The employee's directory can be modified, retrieve and portable. Clock HR not only store the data of its employees but also processes the data to take actions and absolute decision.

With the help of a workforce management module, specific as well as departmental records of both active and inactive employees can be gained access. It will not only restructure the information but also provide you a key to manage your employees as well as retain them. The managers can get the information at a single click whether it is related to employee's profile, attendance, experience, qualification, and skills etc.

Key features of Workforce Management

Work scheduling: The workforce management module helps in managing skills of employees as well as conformity requirements easily, effectively and efficiently.

Job and activity management: Clock HR provides a more detailed perspective of requirements of workforce management. The task, job, work of employees are managed effectively and quickly with clock HR.

Leave management: Leave management system of Clock HR is also integrated with, payroll, employee self-service, time and attendance module etc.

Employee's reports: With the help of workforce management, various reports of employees are prepared and managed. It presents reports in a most attractive, understandable and effective manner.

Time and job data: Clock HR workforce management tool provides highly detailed information about labor use.

Employee's data management: All the details related to employees are maintained and managed in the easiest manner with workforce management module. It builds and maintains transparency by empowering their employees.

Team, division and department management: Workforce management module manages work as well as data of various teams, divisions and departments. It records and maintains data of service record as well as salary details of all employees.