Time & Attendance Management

Clock HR: One solution for all the employees; Time and Attendance report

Clock HR ease all difficult and lengthy work of the HR on time, with the greatest excellence. Time and attendance management module solve all the queries related to working hours tracking and attendance information of the employees.

It ensures that their employees are working in the right place; right hours and accordingly their salaries are rewarded. It automatically converts the worked hours of an employee to payroll. You can pay to employees by knowing what they are doing, when they are doing, and why they are doing. Clock HR helps their clients to get the most valuable work from their employees. Clock HR is suitable for small as well as big businesses. It saves time as well as labor cost.

Key Benefits of Time and attendance module

  • Automatically import and process attendance data in different types of formats.
  • Manage and give insight into not on time arrivals, absences, before time exits, lengthy breaks, overtime, under time and missed punches.
  • Helps in payroll accuracy.
  • Minimize labor cost, save time and increase punctuality.
  • Eliminate manual errors in the recording of attendance and time.
  • Better forecasting.
  • Improvising working hours tracking, fixed shift, flexible shift and reporting.
  • Time and attendance module of Clock HR can be combined with biometric and access card devices.
  • The workforce can access their attendance and time information online by themselves.
  • Records the punch in and punch out time of employees.
  • Helps the managers to keep an eye on presence and absence.

Key Features of Time and attendance module

  • Manage numbers of departments, sections, divisions, designations.
  • All the information is given on Dash Board.
  • Handle unlimited shift patterns.
  • Automatic records of an employee's productive hour.
  • Extensive reporting and data management
  • Manual handling of time and attendance.
  • Online leave request and a fast track processing of leave application by automatically transfer the request to the concern manager.
  • On the basis of data provided by Clock HR, the payroll is generated.
  • Maintain details of national, gazette, restricted and optional holidays.
  • Can access from anywhere and at anytime.

Time and Attendance module of Clock HR is a complete solution that allows you to review, plan and control the time management system of your company.