Shift Management

Plan, arrange & manage your shifts easily!

Shift Management module plan and schedule the shifts of any team of an organization excellently. It is designed to automate even the most difficult tasks.

Shift management module of Clock HR puts everything at your fingertips. It automatically determines who needs to be where, at what time and what works should be done by them. It is cost effective and operationally efficient scheduling system.

Clock HR shift management module offers you to assign shifts by a group, department and employee. It helps their users in defining, managing and governing rules regarding shifts timings as well as the grace period. It allows organizations to manage their shift details

Key Features of Shift Management Module

Easy to use:

Clock HR software is one of the easiest and user-friendly software. It requires very little or no training. Shifts are created easily without any difficulty. It makes the difficult task of workforce management easy as well as cost effective.

Save time & money:

Shift management module saves up to 80 percent time spent in creating the schedules. It eliminates the need of papers as well as expensive time clocking equipment for managing the shifts and schedules.

Automate shifts process:

Shift management module of Clock HR automatically tracks schedules and shifts conflicts. It offers an advantage of open communication with all the employees of an organization across any platform in real time approvals and changes.