Represents the health of the supply chain in the economy . Management of organized retail activities is now a very specialized field. With global players bringing in their HR Best Practices and aligning it to domestic scenarios, there is a requirement for solutions to be flexible.

Industry HR Challenges

Clock HCM Cloud has been custom configured for the Retail Industry. Get access to custom Retail solutions. Local Implementation partners help custom configure your scenarios quickly and efficiently!


Clock HR HRM TACS Solutions

Complex T&A Rules Engine with over 200 complex rule scenarios pre-built in.

Rule Builder Engine that allows custom and new business rules to be configured for new/complex situations for concurrent processing.

SMS Engine for Periodical Quick Reporting Summaries to managers shiftwise.


Clock HR HRM LMS Solutions

Implement IVR Leave Approval & Management System

Integration of Leave Application in with built in controls on Eligibility and Leave Rules.

Integration of Leave Approval into Payroll Engine

Clock HR HRM OTD Solutions

Role Based Maker-Checker Uploads by Authorized Line Managers for their team members

All-In-One VISA Cards Enablement for Field Team Members

Instantaneous SLA Based Credits into Employee CliC cards - for POS or web purchases or

cash withdrawals from nearest ATM

Clock HR HRM SPRUS Solutions

Employee Document Management System (EDMS) allows employee to upload allowed scanned images of audited documents.

Role Based Access Configurator allows for employees , managers, HR Corporate appropriate access privileges.

Search Tool allows for indexed document to be searched from the entire repository . Quick search feature.