Report Builder

Clock HR provides the most powerful tool to create effective, reliable and comprehensive reports. You need to enter your data and leave the rest to Clock HR. The report builder gives you power and control to extract the information and produce reports in the manner you want and whenever you need it.

Clock HR software combined with a comprehensive list of reports that are pre-designed and ready to use. Each report developed by Clock HR can be customized as per the requirement. Each application of clock HR is inbuilt with report builder facility. It offers an advantage of creating new reports, alter existing reports as well as customizing the reports as per user's requirements.

Key Features of Report Builder

  • Automatically generates reports.
  • Export reports generated by Clock HR in other file formats such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word.
  • Directly open reports from report server of the software.
  • Comprehensive reports are produced by Clock HR software.
  • Generates extensive employee reports, attendance report, pay slip report, monthly PF report, monthly ESI report, monthly TDS report etc.
  • Employee's details can be search easily by entering name or employee code in the search option.