Recruitment Management

Clock HR Recruitment management module is a comprehensive online recruitment platform which helps small as well as the big enterprises to manage their recruitment activities online. Recruitment management module offers a powerful, effective, efficient, reliable and professional online system of recruitment to reach talented and quality candidates from the gamut of candidates in the job databases. The resumes of the most suitable candidate are screened out faster and accurately.

Clock HR Recruitment management module helps HR to enhance their hiring process by making it much more transparent, paperless and process oriented. It systematically organizes the entire process of recruitment and selection.

The process of recruitment begins with new recruits and ends with their application submission. The HR will get a pool of applicants from which the most suitable are selected. Recruitment management module helps to connect applicants, managers as well as recruiters and brings real-time visibility. It helps to take action on any critical stage of hiring.

Recruitment management module helps to build up a competent and knowledgeable pool of applicants from both internal and external sources. It reduces both time and cost per hire. It streamlines all the activities related to recruitment process from identifying job openings, creating job postings, screening of applicants, identifying qualified applicants as well as scheduling of interviews.

Key features of Recruitment management module:

Resume management: Recruitment management module of Clock HR enables its users to collect resumes in all attachment formats. It does not matter how sophisticated is your online application form. Clock HR recruitment module easily detects duplicate resumes.

Applicant tracking: Clock HR helps the recruiters to find the information they needed. It makes the time-consuming process of applicant search easy, track applicant status as well as provides on- demand information.

Recruitment automation: Recruitment management module makes the entire process of recruitment computerized. It helps in managing of the list of candidates, creating e-mail templates, filtering e-mail, notifications & alerts as well as auto-responses to candidates.

Sourcing candidates: The process of sourcing and screening candidate become easy. Clock HR offers benefits of bulk uploading of resumes, social media sharing and replying to candidates online.

Reporting: The function of reporting becomes easy and effective with Clock HR. The reports are prepared in different formats as per the requirements of clients. These reports are easily accessible, shareable and understandable.

Schedule interviews: Clock HR enables its users to schedule interviews of various applicants, synchronize their schedule, gives notifications as we as collect interview feedbacks.

Classification of hiring information: Recruitment management module offers an option of selective sharing. You can share information with a particular candidate without sharing it with all users. It offers the option of private conversations, private openings and limited access to profiles of candidates.