Performance Management

Selecting and keeping the right people is a key to success!

Clock HR performance management module provides an efficient, effective, reliable and comprehensive solution, which helps their users to record and measure the key achievements of their employees. Various tactics are used for monitoring and analyzing the performance of employees and these performance records are accessible to both the reporting manager and the employees. Clock HR offers robust functionality that helps businesses to execute reviews of the self as well as the peer groups without any uncertainty

Clock HR has an expertise in the area of performance and appraisal management. It offers the most powerful tools to improve and mechanize the entire process of performance management. It begins with developing a strategy-driven goals and competencies for employees to assessing the performance of employees against these goals. Performance management module continually provides feedbacks and reviews to employees about their performance and evaluation. It's always better for the success of an organization that their employee knows and understands what is expected from them. They must know how their contribution helps in the functioning of an organization. With a performance management module, the contributions of employees are becoming more visible as well as they can give positive direction to their career path.

Key features of Performance management

  • Increase efficiency and performance of employees.
  • Bring transparency and fairness in the system.
  • Configure and computerized the entire process of performance and appraisal from beginning to end.
  • Effective in providing constructive performance feedback.
  • Help in keeping the right candidate by giving them appraisal
  • Goals and competencies of the employees are set and checked by their concerned managers throughout.
  • Comprehensive reports of performance and appraisal are generated and maintained.
  • Skill gaps are identified and training is suggested on employee's performance basis.