Payroll Management

Now it's become easier to process and manage payroll with Clock HR

Payroll is defined as an accounting function which undertakes the salary management of employees. Putting the payroll in place is not only essential as well as critical for the overall functioning of any company.

Clock HR is a complete solution for processing and managing payroll. It automatically processes payroll of all your employees. You have to design and arrange payroll rules of your company and then leave the rest to payroll management module of Clock HR.

Clock HR combines the payroll function and acts as a foundation to integrate all systems, processes and service providers. The payroll management module works on the financial facet of employee's remuneration, allowances, deductions, taxes, etc as well as generating the payslips for a specific duration.

Key features of Payroll management module:

User-defined Payroll Structures

According to your payroll policies, you can create and develop your own payroll heads, specify your own payroll formulas as well as organize multiple payroll structures. The power of payroll software allows businesses to be fully in control.

Customizable Pay slips

Clock HR customizes the pay slip of employees and shows the information that they want.

Loans & Advance

Clock HR automatically manages, organizes and recovers repayments of loans in installments from the employee's salary. The software also calculates the value of a loan and advance repayment with interest.

Attendance and leave

The payroll management module of Clock HR is incorporated with working hours, attendance and leave, which enables you to develop payroll formulas.

Key benefits of Payroll management module:

  • Easy implementation.
  • Efficiently manage the detailed information of employees.
  • Define the deductions, leaves, emoluments etc. to employees.
  • Produce pay slips on a single click.
  • Create and manage the payroll processes as per salary structure of an employee.
  • Produce various reports related to attendance, leave and payroll.