Leave Management

Leave Management System

Whether your organization is big or small; you need a consistent and reliable leave management system to manage absence / presence of employees. Leave management system of Clock HR is also integrated with, payroll, employee self-service, time and attendance modules.

Clock HR is designed for small and medium businesses to large businesses.

Key features of Leave management system:

Save time & money: Leave management system allow your employees to apply for leaves online, view balance leaves, types of leaves as well as access to other details related to time and leave management.

Paperless work: Clock HR streamlines processes and makes request and confirmations paperless. The leave requests are automatically routed to the concern managers. Managers can approve/ disapprove leave request by a single click. No paperwork! No manual management of files!

Comprehensive reports: Employees get a complete history of their leave usage. Both the employers and employees can see, how many leaves have been taken, how many are left, how many are elapsed and how many are carried forward.

Leave calendar: Each type of leaves is shown in a specific color. Restricted and gazette holidays are mentioned separately.

Customized leave types & holiday list: According to the leave policy of the company, new leave type can be created. The unique leave structure of a company can be prepared. Employees know about the leave rules and policies of a company through the leave management system.