HR Software

HR Software

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a blend of structure and procedure that unites human resource management and information technology through HR software.

Today, most of the companies are using HR software to manage and handle their HR activities electronically. If you are using right HR software then the productivity as well as profitability of your company is increased.

Key Functions of Clock HR Software

Database management: The database management is a backbone of Clock HR software, by which the whole system is built and maintained. The Clock HR software includes a full list of employees, their personal information, payroll, salary details, and benefits etc.

Performance management: One of the most important functions of Clock HR management software is tracking, recording and managing employee performance as well as appraisals. With a performance management function, the contributions of employees are becoming more visible as well as they can give positive direction to their career path.

Payroll management: Clock HR software without the payroll function is same a human body without bones. Clock HR software combines the payroll function and acts as a foundation to integrate all systems, processes and service providers.

Benefits administration: Benefits administration function of Clock HR software makes easy for companies to manage the entire employees related facet. It is the process of initiating, maintaining as well as managing employee benefits.

Self-service management: Employee Management Tool helps to make centralized employee database as well as giving the power to effortlessly and effectively store and utilize all the aspects of your employee information. With the help of self- service function, the HR team will get more time to focus and manage the matters of strategic significance.