Employee Management Tool

Employee Management Tool

Employee management is a relationship between company and its employees. Employee Management Tool enables the workforce of a company to update their profile. Through the Clock HR software all the information related to job duties, skills, holiday list and other details of an employee can be updated. With the help of Employee Management Tool, Management and HR team will have all the information and details about their employee's responsibilities and leave applications.

With the help of Employee Management Tool, HR team will get more time to focus and manage the matters of strategic significance.

The Employee Management Tool gives access to employees to their personal information, payroll, salary details, and benefits as well as allow them to change and edit their home address, mailing address, contact numbers, emergency content number, e-mail address, marital status, blood group, date of birth, nationality etc. They can also get information related to the company's policies, income tax, rules and regulations. Without waiting for HR revert, employees can view their pay slips, provident fund details, loan details etc. Employees can also initiate for leave, reimbursement as well as expenditure claim on their own ease.

Employee Management Tool helps to make centralized employee database as well as gives the power to effortlessly and effectively store and utilize all aspects of your employee information. It builds and maintains transparency by empowering their employees.

Key features of Employee Management Tool:

  • Profile management of employees
  • Edit and update employee's profile
  • Maintain a directory of employees
  • Describe and define company's policies
  • Salary, qualification, bank and experience details of employees are maintained in the easiest manner

Key benefits of Employee Management Tool:

  • Easy access to company's directory of employees
  • Maintain and update profiles of employees
  • Employees as well as the employer can edit personal information
  • View, save and download pay slips as well as submit tax relief
  • Apply for leave, see status of leave application and view balance leave
  • View and submit claims for business expense reimbursement
  • View company alerts, notices and news
  • Employees can request for loans & advances and view their status
  • Employees can view and download HR documents, forms and manuals
  • Robotic system of approvals for standard business processes