About Us

Clocksoft Solutions Ltd. is one of the most rapidly growing ERP and HR development company in India. Over the period of time our company has developed solutions which have helped various companies to overcome their business challenges.

Clocksoft Solutions Ltd. has become a leader in the market of ERP and HR development by fulfilling different business software requirements of its national as well as international clients. Our company has talented programmers and developers, they are highly experts in their areas. Clocksoft Solutions Ltd. is able to deliver outstanding business software solutions by employing the skills of its software developers.

Clock HR is one of the best Human Capital Management Syestem that is developed by Clocksoft Solutions Ltd.


Clock HR is exclusive software and a single platform that solves all HR related problems of the organization. Clock HR aims to provide best value and services to their clients. It is easy to use as well as increases the efficiency of employees. It helps human resources to concentrate their passion on a more innovative part of the work and makes the organization free from lazy and time-consuming aspects of work.

It is professional, comprehensive and cost-effective HR tool for small, medium as well as big enterprises. Clock HR helps various clients who are from Manufacturing, Retail, Cement, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Hospitality, Tourism, Education, Mining, and Constructions sectors etc.

Key features of Clock HR

  • All in one place

    Clock HR reduces human errors, eliminate wrong data entry as well as maintain a complete profile of employees. With the help of Clock HR, time and capacity of employees are utilized effectively as well as detailed information of employees is maintained through a centralized database management.

  • Time management

    Even when you are not in the office, Clock HR manages and gives insight into not on time arrivals, absences, before time exits, lengthy breaks, overtime, under time and missed punches.

  • Payroll management

    Clock HR is a complete solution for processing and managing payroll. It automatically processes payroll of all your employees. The payroll management module works on the financial facet of employee's remuneration, allowances, deductions, taxes etc as well as generates the pay slips for a specific duration.

  • Real-time cooperation

    Clock HR instantly gives notifications on approvals, change in the policies of company as well as other important announcements. It gives power to employees to share their ideas and information.

  • Intelligent mechanism

    By automating the entire activities of HR, Clock HR eliminates redundancy, increase accuracy, increase efficiency, and ensures that all the data are up to date and complete

  • Employee Self-service

    Employee self-service helps to make centralized employee database as well as gives the power to effortlessly and effectively store and utilize all aspects of your employee information. It builds and maintains transparency by empowering their employees.

  • Performance management

    Clock HR performance management module provides an efficient, effective, reliable and comprehensive solution, which helps their users to record and measure the key achievements of their employees.

  • Leave & attendance management

    Promotes paperless work as the employees can apply and manage their leaves online as well as they can track their vacations, leaves, holidays and attendance.

  • Recruitment management

    Recruitment management module offers a powerful, effective, efficient, reliable and professional online system of recruitment to reach talented and quality candidates from the gamut of candidates in the job databases.